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Using the same master file for two sessions but not on same channels  


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February 26, 2020 10:22  

I experienced a strange thing, I captured two sessions, Ha and Sii in both.

  1. Session1: Ha flats and flatdarks were at 1 second, Sii flats and flatdarks were NOT at 1 second
  2. Session2: Both Ha and Sii flat and flatdarks were at 1 second

So I created a MasterDarkFlat from the data in Ha:session1 and Ha+Sii:session2 (flat darks), lets call it MDF1s.

Then I tried to make master flats. I loaded all the sessions and channels, and tried to assign MDF1s to Ha:session1, Ha:session2, Sii:session2. There is no way to assign MDF1s in one go, so I attempted to do that in two. First I assigned it to all channels in session2, and then I attempted to reload the same file, this time assigning it to Ha:Session1 only. This failed, and APP complained that Ha:Session1 had no MasterDarkFlat. 

The only way I could make it work, is by making a copy of MDF1s, and assigning that copy to Ha:Session1.

Is this use-case interesting, or some strange corner case? Could APP support loading the same file twice with different designations for such scenarios?