Odd Naming Convention Behaviour in Multi-Session Integrations  


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January 10, 2019 12:07  


I am slowly working through a mosaic project & last night managed to capture a 2nd session of data for the target.

Running two sessions data through APP was a breeze but I did stumble upon a weird naming convention issue.

On the first integration of my data I chose:

Multi-Session Options > Integrate per session & all

this produced:

Integration 1 Session 1

Integration 2 Session 2

Integration 3 Session 1 & Session 2

very obvious and nothing wrong there.

Now I was not happy with the output of Integration 3 and made some changes in the Integration tab before running the Integration again.

This time I just chose:

Multi-Session Options > Integrate all

this now produced a frame name:

Integration 4 Session 2

Initially I thought that I had made an error but looking more closely, the associated filename for this Integration does in fact include the text 'session_1_session_2' and when loaded in the viewer it is both sessions combined.

Possibly the 4th Integration should have also name the frame 'Session 1 & Session 2' or even just 'All Sessions'

Don't get me wrong, the software itself worked like a dream, very simple, this is just more of an aesthetic point really.



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