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Improve performance on network files  


White Dwarf Customer
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November 26, 2019 02:49  

I have a Network Attached Storage box so that I can cheaply store bazillions of image files. If need be, I can copy things to and from my laptop's SSD for processing, but I wonder if it's the file mapper that's dogging so badly. If I set the working folder to one on my local device, and then created a symlink to the remote folder with the files, think that would speed things up? (Not sure my OS can actually do that, but it might be worth a try.)

Alternatively, can I tell APP to use a location other than the working directory for fast cached storage such as (I imagine) the file mapper?

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November 27, 2019 12:53  

Processing via a NAS over a network will be incredibly slow as APP is using disk access a lot. A SSD locally is then optimal. A symlink to the NAS will then be the same thing, it still needs to access the files over the network.

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November 27, 2019 19:14  

Maybe a raid 0 or 1 (or 10 if you have >4 disks) and a SSD Cache disk can speed up the things a little bit ...