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Basic functions still missing in 2021  


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May 9, 2021 14:36  


I have been using APP for 3 years and I am dismayed by the lack of some basic functions that are still missing.  I thought in 2018 that those would come quickly as APP was young back then and it would evolve. To my regrets, we are still waiting for those to happen in 2021.

THREE of them are basic software-expected-features in 2021:

1- an UNDO/REDO button;  to bring you back in an instant to a previous version of an image while editing,

2- a SAVE USER PRESET when stretching images.    It is impossible right now to save settings that works well on my images after an editing session.  This is true for stretching less than 10%.  

3- A "save session" capabilities.

This one is a bit more complicated to implement:

4- There is no preview available before making a change on the entire image which often take time.

I will strongly consider Pixinsight when my year subscription will end.


Best Regards

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May 9, 2021 19:43  

Hi Stephan,

Yes, some of these are missing and we know it's something quite a few would love to see. I can say that Mabula is changing the way he releases software a bit going forward. There will be more incremental updates again and he has prioritized the saving of settings now. In the past he said 1.085 would have that and he now has made that a priority for 1.084. 1.083 is also around the corner now.