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ASI 294 MC Pro flats issue?

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Hey guys i'm hoping you can confirm that my flats, dark flats, and darks are working as they should be in APP.

I'm having some troubles with uneven red colors around the image and black/red borders in the integrated stack.  if you set the saturation threshold to 0 and crank the saturation up to 30 or more it is very evident.  it doesn't look like i'm the only one having these issues with this camera from what i see on the forums.  Though i can't seem to find a definitive reason or fix for these issues.  the reasons for these odd patches of color and dark edges range from diferrential cooling along the sensor to flats not being created properly.  i definitely seem to see less of an issue at a temperature setting of -10 vs -15 or -20.

with regards to flats, i use an ipad with white screen set to an appropriate brightness to acheive at least a 3 sec image with an ADU set around 30000 to 35000.  I have even tried ADU of 25000, but that created the same flat file.  I will try a different light source next to see if that helps.  i looked for light leaks and haven't found any.  i've even created my flats and dark flats at night and use my telescope cover to cover the assembly to ward off any light.  From my inexperienced eye it looks like the fats aren't being applied or are being applied to aggressively?? i don't know how to tell.

for this camera people recommend the following which i have been doing:

  1. set offset and gain values to the defaults which are offset 30 and gain 120.
  2. calibrate the lights with darks, flats, dark flats(use NINA Flat Wizard)
    1. for darks i match the same temperature setting, offset, and gain as lights
  3. for flats and dark flats see above.

i have uploaded the following files:

  1. m45-RGB-session-1.fits integrated lights stack calibrated by the darks, dark flats, and flats
  2. master dark, master dark flat, master flat fit files for the integrated stack above
  3. m45_lights_only-RGB-session_1.fits, this is just the lights integrated stack without calibration frames applied
  4. individual subs for the calibration frames and lights. 

heres a link to the files:


thanks for looking and i look forward to your suggestions and insight.