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19 June 2021: Our upload server has been migrated successfully to our new office with higher upload and download speeds (nearly 10MByte/sec up/down ) ! We now have 1 general upload user called: upload with password: upload. The users upload1 - upload5 have been disabled.

31 May 2021: APP 1.083-beta2 has been released ! APP 1.083 stable will follow soon afterwards. It includes a completely new Star Reducer Tool, New File Saver Module, Improved Comet registration and much more, check the release notes here!

DOWNLOADS are available HERE!


Any update on noise reduction or how-to process?  


Brown Dwarf Customer
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July 19, 2020 19:36  

Hi, I'm searching for something within APP that specifically addresses noise reduction. I have only seen posts from a couple years ago that stated that is was in the works but wondering if there that has been released that I may have missed?

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July 20, 2020 13:33  

There is no specific noise reduction algorithm yet, it is high on our to-do list though.