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19 June 2021: Our upload server has been migrated successfully to our new office with higher upload and download speeds (nearly 10MByte/sec up/down ) ! We now have 1 general upload user called: upload with password: upload. The users upload1 - upload5 have been disabled.

31 May 2021: APP 1.083-beta2 has been released ! APP 1.083 stable will follow soon afterwards. It includes a completely new Star Reducer Tool, New File Saver Module, Improved Comet registration and much more, check the release notes here!

DOWNLOADS are available HERE!


Orion Nebula  


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January 6, 2021 09:33  

I am fascinated from this nice piece of software. After a few hours of playing around I ended my trial period and bought it. Currently I am developing all my old deep Sky pics once again, finding out that they become much better with Astro Pixel Processor compared to my previous work with various other software packages.

This is the Orion Nebula, shot with Olympus OMD-EM1 on a Startracker Adventurer. Panasonic 100-300 Zoom @300 mm, ISO 800, F6.3, 60 sec. 13 Pics, only light frames (in-Camera noise reduction activated), stacked and stretched with APP, denoised with Neat Image. Star filter effect added with Affinity Photo.

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January 6, 2021 12:32  

Excellent to hear you're getting better results, that's always a good indication for APP's ability to make life a bit easier and getting better results. 🙂

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