I almost gave up on...

I almost gave up on astrophotography until APP came along.  


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July 25, 2018 00:27  

I really dislike how long it took to post-process image, especially the calibration and stacking and I was about to give up on astrophotography because of it.  APP has made all that so easy now and with even better results, has made me excited and motivated to do astrophotography again.  APP is very close to providing an end to end solution and one of the missing pieces is noise reduction but I've seen in the forum, that this coming.  The results I get with the automatic stretching are as good as one gets from manually stretching plus the color calibration also produces excellent results.  I used to have to work very hard on getting the right color balance with Startools but now it's easy when using an APP stacked image as it's already nearly perfect.  Here are a few images including a 2 frame mosaic which was easy to do with APP.   APP used to create the LRGB stack and Startools for stretching, deconv/sharpening, and noise reduction.  Thanks so much, Mabula!




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Thank you @leuthold for sharing these awesome images  😎 😍 !

(Apologies for not replying sooner, I had a technical glitch on my forum software I am afraid, should be sorted now )

I am very glad that APP contributes to your enjoyment of astrophotography, that makes it all worth it if someone produces images like this ;-), really !

Your images are awesome, keep it up !


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