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31 July 2020 - Comet Registration video tutorial using APP 1.083-beta1 released.

30 July 2020 - APP 1.083-beta1 has been released introducing Comet processing! This 1st beta has comet registration. The stable release will also include special comet integration modes.

9 July 2020 - New and updated video tutorial using APP 1.081: Complete LRGB Tutorial of NGC292, The Small Magellanic Cloud by Christian Sasse ( and Mabula Haverkamp

2019 September: Astro Pixel Processor and celebrate a new Partnership!

Proccesing images from two setups OSC (1 st cam) + L(2 nd cam) it's possible and how ?  


Molecular Cloud Customer
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September 27, 2020 19:43  


I want to use my dual camera setup (the same session on one mount) OSC(ZWO071) with Cannon 200mm for color data,

and ASI1600 with Samyang 135mm for luminance. FOV and scale is slightly different. 4.92''/pix for color and 5.8''/pix for luminance. 

How to combine this for best results (OSC+L) ?

Or try to adjust scale "by hardware"? for example using different focal lengths ASI 071+250mm = 3.94''/pix (for color)

and ASI 1600 + 200mm = 3.91''/pix (for L data).

Thank you and best wishes!

PS. Its this kind of setup promising in therm of quality vs. time ? (aquiring color + L in the same time) 

Quasar Admin
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September 28, 2020 12:02  

A dual setup is always great, especially when acquiring 2 objects at the same time. APP is made to just work for combining different setups even when the FOV is quite different. But if you're close that's probably better, you can integrate the data from the 2 setups like you normally do and then combine those results again with each other.