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2022-05-29: APP 2.0.0-beta2 has been released !

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OSC Load Lights

Hydrogen Atom Customer
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Brand new user and I am stuck at the first step, I have a one shot color camera (ASI294MC). When I go to load the lights I get a request to assign the channel. What do I pick? (PixInsight does give an RGGB option.)



Brown Dwarf Customer
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Ben, untick both multi channel options and watch this video Getting started with Astro Pixel Processor by Sara Wager – Astro Pixel Processor

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@ben_eisenstein, @gary-clayton

Thanks Gary for trying to help out. Ben, there is one multi-session and one multi-filter option. Deselect the multi-filter option and you're good to go. Also, depending on what software you used when shooting the images, you may need to go to tab 0 and select the correct Bayer pattern for your camera in the "pattern" drop down (most likely RGGB) and enable "force Bayer/X-Trans CFA". Note that that only will be necessary if and when APP produces a black and white result. First, simply load your lights, flats, darks and darkflats in tab 1 and then go straight to tab 6 and click the integrate button.