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OSC Ha-OIII-OIII processing and RGB combination (YouTube)

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A week ago I was lucky and did my best astrophotography ever yet. I used a ASI294MC Pro, RedCat51 and l-eNhance filter and processed it in APP and Photoshop. After getting many requests on how I did it (and becoming tired of typing) I just did a video on it - never did it before. So, it´s two rather long videos but maybe helps the one or other with thier data. Most likely things can be made better or differently but its a start and one mor APP tutorial 😉 Of course, I´m open for opinions, hints and tips too.

Part 1 (APP) is here:

Cheers, Nico

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Cool! Thanks for sharing!

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Hi Nico,

May I ask for the URL to Part 2? Thanks!