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Integration Mode On Osc

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Hey fellows Astrophotographers ...

I wonder what is the recommended integration mode for a Osc 

interpolation or Bayer/X-Trans drizzle  

(Tab 6 integrate - integrate mode)

Clear Skies

Galaxy Admin
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Hi Stratos,

As you can see in the help of the integration mode, the help of drizzle integration kernel explains when to use which. There it says that your data must be well dithered and undersampled. In short, you need to have applied dithering while imaging and the pixels of your OSC need to be relatively large wrt the focal length of your telescope. So there is not a "recommended integration mode for a Osc" (to quote your question) alone since it also depends on the focal length of the telescope you're using.


HTH, Wouter

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Yep, drizzling I would only use with plenty of data, well dithered and undersampling (when you zoom in you see more squar-ish stars). Otherwise interpolation.