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"hot" pixels in LRGB combine flow

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I'm using a Atik 314L+ camera on a ED80 refractor, took  some sbs the last couple nights even though the moon was full just to make sure everything was working well in SGP.


I took Lum subs at 1x1 binning and the RGB at 2x2 binning. I have darks, and flats to match all the filters. I did not collect bias frames, I will have to do that as  i did not realize they were required (Deep sky stacker never warns about this and I did not know any better, now I do:) )


When I stack everything, and then combine in RGB, I see pattern of ghot RGB pixels. It  "Almost" looks like they are just not aligned properly with the luminance frame, even though the luminance is the reference. 


Is there something obvious i am overlooking here ? 


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Did you check if the darks are actually correcting well? You can load one of your subs and the masterdark (btw, this masterdark has the bias signal as well so that’s fine, for flats they are required yes) and select “l-calibrated” on top of the screen. You can then see if the darks are applied to the sub, by looking at the list and seeing “MD or Masterdark” added to the sub and the zoom in on the sub to check if hotspots are going away. Does that work properly?