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Darks Library

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Several months ago I created a darks library for my ASI2600MC, 30 exposures each grouped using temp, gain and exposure times. Those darks have served me well and I am getting ready to update the library with fresh darks. 

My question is can I load all the new individual dark fits frames into APP, and then use (2)Calibrate at its default settings to create a full library of master darks and then trash the original dark fits frames? It would save storage space and the masters might speed up future stacking. Also do you recommend keeping BPMaps in a library?



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You can do that if you're sure they all work well. Personally, when I have the space, I tend to keep the single subs as well and throw those away a year later. Sometimes an algorithm can change (in any processing software), requiring a rebuild of the masters. Doesn't happen often though.