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One thing has been annoying me for quite some time:
If one file fails to register, the whole process stops. Why?
Why can't the process just continue with the files that did register? You can always go back and re-register (start over) if you want to include that file.
Several times I have experienced that I start a process including several hundred files which I know will take hours, but when I get back to the PC the darn thing has stopped . This is not user friendly!
Display a message on the screen, but please, pretty please, let the process continue with the registered files.

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Hi Heno,

Yes this is indeed the case and something Mabula will change, good point.

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I second what Heno has said.  It's discouraging to set the computer to process overnight a large batch of files, and then discover in the morning it didn't go because a few files failed register.

I just had a multi session fail, which consisted of data of the same subject using the same equipment over 5 nights.  Lights from each night's session were previously calibrated, saved as calibrated lights, and successfully registered and integrated within each session.  When I then went to integrate all the calibrated lights from the 5 sessions into one master integration, 12 of the 600 or so calibrated lights failed to register.  Now, the reason I had integrated the individual sessions was to make sure that I had good lights that would register (because I have had this problem before).  So I was surprised that when going to a big multi session a few of the known 'good' calibrated lights failed to register under this circumstance.

But regardless of the reason these calibrated lights failed to register in a different integration, I just want the  system to continue the integration process without the lights that failed to register.  A warning message that a few light frames failed to register and therefore were not included in the integration is sufficient.  Thank you!

P.S.  I want to say that overall I am quite enjoying APP!