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[Closed] Astro Pixel Processor 1.047

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Astro Pixel Processor 1.047

  • Security change, the application security is completely changed. There will be no more scans for mac addressess. This caused issues for 5-10% of APP users. And after activation of the application, no internet connection is required. Each license will still run on 3 computers


  • GUI change, on startup, the console panel is moved to the back of the main application window instead of the front
  • Improvement, in the INFO panel (button top left corner) you can now easily enter a new license code which will remove the old license code. An internet connection is required if you want to enter a new license code, so it can be activated on the computer.
  • Improvement, application icon now has a transparant background
Vier Cirkel Icon finaal 72DPI transparantBG 128x128
Vier Cirkel Icon finaal 128x128
  • GUI adjustment, I have increased the time period for which tooltips start to appear from 1 second to 3 seconds.
  • License activation, 2 fields are removed from the license activation screen, both license expiry and license type are removed, since they will be looked up and verified in the database anyway.
app activation
  • Fixed, Improvement, in 9) Tools, the "batch rotate/resize" tool is now integrated into the left control panel. This tool can now also directly be run on the image in the image viewer window
app rotateResize
  • Fixed, in "batch rotate/resize" or "batch modify" you only need to set the filetype, icc profile, jpg quality once when processing the batch.
  • GUI adjustment, in 9) tools renamed "star color calibration" to "calibrate star colors"
  • Fixed, Improvement, the following tools can now be started directly on the image in the image viewer: "correct vignetting", "remove light pollution" , "calibrate background", "calibrate star colors".
app RLP improved
  • Fixed, Improvement, in 9) tools, fixed an error in star color calibration and improved the calculation method. On some data, this gives a huge difference. The old calculation method was in error. First image old calculation, second image, new calculation (data courtesy of Scott Rosen).
scott sc 1 St LQ
Scott SC St contrast