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saving right side tonal adjustments panel settings  


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March 8, 2021 15:53  

newbie question.  when i'm done with my right side panel adjustments to the integrated image i know i can save this off as a tiff for additional edits in photoshop.  But my question is, how do i save these right side panel adjustments with these settings so i can reopen in APP later for additional edits?  for instance if i open an integrated image with these settings in APP it doesn't look to be bringing these settings in as the adjustment sliders for contrast, saturation, etc. don't move.  I kinda figured these fit files would be like an equivalent raw master file with the settings embedded in the fit file nondestructively.

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March 8, 2021 19:51  

@cheastside Saving user preferences is not yet supported by APP but it will be in version 1.085.