Recommendations for batch conversion of Olympus RAW files?  


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January 13, 2018 02:25  

Have been hearing all kinds of good things about APP and thought I'd give it a try.

I know it doesn't support my image format (Olympus ORF raw files) but I don't mind converting them to a supported format.

Two problems I ran into:

  1. I tried the PixInsight BatchFormatConversion, but then found that APP seemingly also doesn't support the Olympus OMD Bayer pattern (RGBG). Would love to be proven wrong on this point btw!
  2. I tried the Photoshop's Image Processor script, but this appears to down-sample to 8-bit TIFFs and I don't see any option to control the bit depth of the output files.

Is it something I'm doing wrong? Any recommendations for a batch image conversion program? (Windows OS.)

Thanks muchly!

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January 15, 2018 20:13  

Hi dmach ( @dmach ),

Yes, camera support is work in progress and has high priority, it's hard to give a timeline though. For the moment, let me answer your questions:

1) RGBG bayer pattern is not supported, i haven't tested any camera yet that has this, I will need to look up how this works to be able to support it. Is it still a 2x2 pattern or is it bigger and more complex ? Which I assume, since RGBG in a 2x2 pattern would seem a bit strange, but then again, I need to look it up.

2) Yes, indeed, you need at least 16bits tiffs. I would think this is possible with Photoshop, but it might depend on the actual version that you have or on some settings.

I have 2 suggestions which you can try:

1) use commandline dcraw, it's cumbersome but it should do what you need

2) or convert with PI for now, since you mention that you use it.

For both hold, convert with debayering, since APP doesn't have the required bayer pattern RGBG yet.

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