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Normalization failure in Mosaic Mode  


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November 6, 2020 15:00  

I've done several other large mosaics using APP in the past and was able to do a single integration of all the data channels at once with decent success. MBB did a good job of blending the overlap, and LNC took care of the gradient variability across the different frames. Not perfect, but usable.

I'm attempting to do a 4 panel mosaic of M31 with the QHY600 and Esprit 150 and am not having success in trying to do them all at once. I'm running a new set of integrations that will process each panel separately in RGB and Ha which will then be processed as much as needed to make them ready to integrate into a final mosaic. But this is incredibly time consuming and I'd like to know if there is a way to reduce the workflow.

I've attached the result of my LUM panels being mosaic integrated. This was with LNC 1/3 and MBB, advanced mode normalization.

The data are great and each of the subs are evenly illuminated and exposed so I'll get a good result eventually!

Thanks in advance.


M31 Mosaic


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November 10, 2020 11:37  

That is looking strange indeed. What happens if you do it in the way (I think preferred way) by making the panels first and then use those to make the mosaic?