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Mosaic with integrated frames

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please forgive me, if this topic has been addressed bevore. I am just curious, why not intergrate "the normal way" and do the mosaic afterwards with the integrated frames? I've done some test with a 4-panel mosaic from cirrus complex using the mosaic registration with over 200 subs. It took over 4 hours to do the mosaic. Whereas it took half an hour to do the mosaic with the already integrated panels. I have just loaded the panels as lights, switched on mosaic-registration and did an integration. Well, I know, there is no real data to stack this way, but it seems to work.

So, I guess, its more precise to do the reg with all the subframes and stack together the whole mosaic, am I wrong?




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I think you’re actually explaining what indeed is the best way to create a mosaic. 😉 Just creating a mosaic with all subs is not the way to go, the analysis on those becomes very complex and takes a long time. The best way is, like you figured out, to first create the panels separately and then creating a mosaic with those. I would still advice to have at least 20-30 subs per panel though, so the rejection algorithms work the best.

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One thing I would say is:

if you have very large overlap between panels, doing the integration with individual frames will still improve the blending (if you enable blending and with a relatively large blending %). But being able to remove light pollution from the individual panels prior to composing the mosaic is also a big advantage. So your mileage might vary...