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Mosaic with Dou-band filter - best workflow?

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I am planning a 3 panel mosaic in HOO with a L-enhance duoband filter. I am thinking that the best way to do this will be;

  1.  calibrate, register, normalise and integrate the individual panels with extract Ha and Extract Oiii algorithms
  2. use combine RGB tool to build the HOO for the individual panels, taking care to use the exact same formula for each
  3. register, normalise and integrate the 3 combined RGB panels into the mosaic.

Does this seem right or is there abetter way.

Thanks and rgds



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That sounds like a good way to do it indeed, constructing the RGB panels from the various narrowband data first and then using those to make the mosaic. Overlaps of the resulting panels should be at least 10% I'd say, less might work as well but more is better if there are slight differences in overlap between the data.