Best way to integrate different exposures and gains  


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November 8, 2018 12:07  

I have about 20 hours of Ha on Orion (M42) All the same camera (ASI-1600MM-C) and focal length but with different exposure times and different gain settings. The idea behind this is to try and produce a High Dynamic Range (HDR)  image by blending the different images.

What I have are:-

  • 15 Second Subs at Gain 75/15
  • 180 Second Subs at Gain 75/15
  • 180 Second Subs at Gain 139/21
  • 9000 Second (15M) Subs at Gain 75/15 ( This was an accident when SGPRO changed seconds to minutes for some strange reason) Stack looks pretty good


My questions are:

  1. Is this the wrong approach. 
  2. If not what would be the best way to stack all this data to achieve the best HDR results


Thank you for your help

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