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[Solved] APP will not recognize my .fit files.

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 Hello...I watched some excellent tutorials on how to start working in APP. Was super excited to start using this excellent looking program. On the very first step... navigate to my files and load them in... i get to where my data files are and it wont even see my files... just empty folders. APP can read .fit files right ? If I look into the folders from the desktop all is fine. They all load perfectly into my other programs... that I was hoping to replace with APP. Btw... These are .fit files that came out of an Asiair plus. Im working on a MacBook Pro running High sierra 10.13.6

Thanks in advance for any help given on this !


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After setting the working directory you need to actually click on Light button!


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Yes, like Max mentions. You're first setting APP's working directory in which some processing is taking place as well. I usually set that to the top level of my structured folder with my project in it. The next version will allow you to set this working directory and save it so it's always set if you want to.