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2022-01-07:  APP 1.083 has been released !!!

1.083 Windows 64bits download

1.083 MacOS 64bits download

1.083 Linux DEB-64bits download

1.083 Linux RPM 64bits download

  • new Star Reducer Tool
  • 15-30% speed increase in processing
  • introducing Comet registration
  • support for new camera models like Canon EOS R5,R6
  • Greatly improved HSL Selective Color Tool
  • New Batch Tools
  • New File Saver Module with PNG support

add subs to integration  


White Dwarf Customer
Joined: 1 year ago
Posts: 25
November 30, 2021 06:35  

is there a way to add subs to an already integrated process?

let's assume I stacked light frames (with corresponding calibration). I want to add another session with new subs but use only the result from the earlier integration in order to save integration time. is that possible?

Quasar Admin
Joined: 5 years ago
Posts: 4172
November 30, 2021 13:16  

There is yes, just load in the integrated lights and add the new data as well. I would first get enough extra data and calibration data to make an integration of that and then combine them.

Molecular Cloud Customer
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December 5, 2021 17:26  


If I may expand on this a bit: On M31 I have Ha, L, R, G, and B integrations I am happy with qualty-wise. However the total times could be higher, especially the L data.

Next year could could I shoot more Lights, calibrate them, and the add the new L channel integration to the old L intgration?

If so, would this be done in the Integration tab, or the RGB Combine tool? Presumably I would use the Registration tab 4 to register New to Old.

Conceptually then the Integration file is a Master Light. This would imply good news for my disk management as I could delete individual subs once I have good integration files, in the same fashion as Master Darks, Bias, and Flats. 

Quasar Admin
Joined: 5 years ago
Posts: 4172
December 6, 2021 09:51  

You can yes. Given your integrations are calibrated well with enough calibration frames, you should have clean integrations with good signal so those will add nicely when stacked. Theoretically it's better to stack all subframes, but personally I haven't noticed a massive difference in that sense. I would test it for yourself first as well.

You simply load your integrations as lights, without calibration data and integrate.