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January 9, 2018 11:49  

I've just stacked 20 images and save them as a Tiff in the trial version.  In the software, the image looks great and show loads of colour (image on right).

However, when I try to open the TIFF in Photoshop (image on left), it looks like one of my unedited images with hardly any colour?  Am I doing something wrong??



Screen Shot 2018 01 09 at 10.47.30 copy

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January 10, 2018 18:07  

Hi StevenHanna,

Thank you for your question and welcome to the forum 😉


I don’t think you are doing anything wrong.

I assume you have saved the image using the save button and the stretch selectbox enabled  on the right side, below the histogram, right?


It might have to do with PS interpretation of the data. Did you save it as 32bits or 16bits Tiff? If you saved it as 32bits, can you try to save it as 16bits and check if it looks different in PS?

Did you save it with an ICC profile? Which one? And did you check in PS that the included ICC profile is used (should normally be the case, but sometimes not) ?

Can you open the TIFF with an other normal image viewer application that supports ICC profiles properly like XnView (free)? How does it look then?


The only 2 limitations of the Trial license are

  • Online internet connection is required (not for Owner/Renter version)
  • 30 day period

 So APPs functionality is not limited for processing images during the Trial period.

Kind regards,