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Orion Nebula and Trapezium Cluster  


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December 29, 2020 21:43  
Orion10and20 session 1 session 2 mod St denoise clear

A few nights ago I captured the Orion Nebula. My goal was to be able to display the Trapezium Cluster stars at the core of the nebula. I used APP 1.082 to stack 50x10sec and 50x20sec subs. Decided not to use any darks, flats, or bias frames for my ASI183MC Pro camera and played with the settings in APP until I came to this. I must say I'm quite pleased with the result. I've been using APP for just under a year now and still have a lot to learn, but after having tried several different software packages, APP is my goto software of choice for stacking and processing. There are a few tools missing from it (i.e. noise reduction, etc.), but from what I've read in other topics in the forum, those are on the way. 

Equipment: William Optics GT71 + WO Flat 6AIII FF/FR + Optolong LeXtreme + ASI183MC Pro + ASI EAF riding on iOptron GEM45

Software: AstroPixelProcessor 1.082, Topaz DeNoise AI

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December 29, 2020 22:15  

Fantastic picture. Well done!