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[Sticky] Registration & Integration of a multi-channel mosaic - The Veil Nebula by Jeroen Moonen  


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June 22, 2017 16:43  

Jeroen Moonen just made a very nice multi-channel H-alpha OIII mosaic:


This is a stunning Veil Nebula Jeroen 😉 ! Very nice...

How did you register the different narrowband channels ? Did you register them all at once as a multi-layer mosaic?



His answer:
Hi Mabula, I loaded all of the calibrated frames (2x Ha + 2x O3 stack) into APP, did a star analysis on all four stacks and after that I

registered them (I let APP decide which frame it wanted to use as a reference). After registration I deselected both O3-stacks in the file list

and did an integration, obtaining the complete Ha- mosaic. After that I deselected the Ha stacks and selected the O3 stack and did a new

intergration for the complete O3 mosaic. During the entire process I used the settings from Sara Wagners video on your website.


Excellent Jeroen,

that is actually the best way (technically speaking) to register a multi-channel mosaic. Register all panels of all layers simultaneously 😉

I'll make a workflow topic for multichannel mosaic and direct it to this topic 😉



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