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Process file selection? Newbie

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Sorry for this very basic question, and it probably has been asked many times, about the first 6 steps in the left panel.  I'm on Win10.

1. Let's say I've loaded files for my first filter (Ha) and completed Integration.

2. I select a different directory and load files for my second filter (OIII).  

3. How do I run steps 1-6 only on the second batch of files (OIII)?  Is this automatic or do I need to select the files in the history screen at the bottom, and if so, how would I do that?

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When you load your data, APP will ask for the label to be put on the data. This can be done automatically and if the label is in the file header, it will be used. If not, you can set it yourself. You can load Ha and OIII in different sessions if you have flats for OIII and for Ha for instance. You'll get the proper integration if you then click on "integrate" in tab 6.