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2022-05-29: APP 2.0.0-beta2 has been released !

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beginners multi-session question

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I'm very new to APP!

If I have shot the same target over two nights, and have processed these two sessions separately (ie going through the entire process in APP leading to an eventual FIT file), what's the best way to combine files from these two sessions? I understand how to load my original lights/darks etc as a multi-session process... but instead of doing it this way, which files do I use (ie what file type are they?) and how do I import them into APP, if I happen to have already processed the two sessions separately and now want to combine the product of both sessions with the least amount of effort?

Thank you. Sally

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If you already made the two integrations, you can load those as lights again and then integrate those using the same process. No extra calibration is then needed (would be bad to do even) and it should produce a nice result. It may still be better to combine the frames and reprocess (if you have different flats for each session, that would be a good thing to do, otherwise you can just combine them all in 1 session). Doing separate lights of all sessions is still giving you a slightly better result, but the difference is not night and day or anything.