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FITS Header - More Data and Consistent through Processing  


Hydrogen Atom Customer
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June 13, 2020 15:03  

Dear all,


I'd like to suggest to add as much data as possible in the FITS header of the integration and master files, and keep appending to it as the image is processed.


For the integration, the current implementation is already very good, saving all the parameters used in INTEGRATION. But I'd add the data of the Master Calibration files used - this could help solving different versions of calibrations for troubleshooting, for instance. The REGISTER and NORMALIZE settings could also be added in specific tags. I also can look back at the integration and retrace all the steps used to create that file. In the case of saving a stretched image, the header could also incorporate the DDP/stretch parameters.


Finally, and the most important one: when passing an integrated image through any process of 9) TOOL (such as batch modify or LPC), the original header is completely lost. For instance, after using Light Pollution Correction, the saved FITS file has very little information in its header, and all the tags that were in the integration are lost in the subsequent steps.


Best regards,


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June 13, 2020 15:55  

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll pass them on. 🙂 @mabula-admin