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31 July 2020 - Comet Registration video tutorial using APP 1.083-beta1 released.

30 July 2020 - APP 1.083-beta1 has been released introducing Comet processing! This 1st beta has comet registration. The stable release will also include special comet integration modes.

9 July 2020 - New and updated video tutorial using APP 1.081: Complete LRGB Tutorial of NGC292, The Small Magellanic Cloud by Christian Sasse ( and Mabula Haverkamp

2019 September: Astro Pixel Processor and celebrate a new Partnership!

A few suggestions  


Hydrogen Atom Customer
Joined: 3 years ago
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September 29, 2020 12:57  

Firstly, just want to congratulate the team behind APP for developing an excellent tool. It has simplified my pre-processing immensely, and I don't use any other programs for pre-processing DSOs now. I have a couple of suggestions which I think have already been made, but just to re-iterate:

1. Previously, integrated files had naming conventions which would detail every area e.g. exposure time, binning, LNC, MBB etc. This seems to have been removed. There should be an option in settings to enable it so that people can choose if they want the naming convention to be kept. I personally found it very useful.

2. There should be an option to save a set of parameters starting from star analysis to integration as a file so that it can be loaded when required. For example, I use a particular set of parameters for regular integrations versus mosaics. If each of these settings could be saved as a file which can then be loaded, it would save time.

3. Automatic rejection of frames which cannot be registered/star analysed and proceeding to the normalisation/integration process without aborting the whole process would be good.

Again, thank you to the APP team on their hard work!

Quasar Admin
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September 30, 2020 10:10  

Thank for the suggestions!

1) This information is now in the header file, but indeed when the settings is a possibility this might be a good thing to support.

2) Yes, this is on our list to do, I don't have a way to see the roadmap though

3) Agreed, that may be nice indeed. I think things like this will get implemented as we want to automate quite a few steps while retaining the best quality where possible