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[Sticky] Astro Pixel Processor 2.0.0-beta1 release notes

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Release notes

  • Processing mono and RGB/Multi-Channel data at the same time works now. Before it errored in the normalization engine. So you can now normalize mono data to RGB data and vice versa.
  • Memory management, removed the option to set max RAM usage amount in CFG menu, because APP can now control this correctly for all computers. As can be read in the APP 2.0.0-beta1 announcement, internal memory management has changed a lot due to our new development platform.
  • macOS M1 LibRaw, works now on M1 computers and LibRaw is compiled natively on the M1 hardware
  • macOS installers, are correctly signed and notarized now removing installation problems. macOS now considers APP a safe application.
  • General console window, has been moved into the main application window as can be read above.
  • Image viewer, increased performance on all platforms due to having it's own application window.
  • Working Directory, is now remembered between application restarts.
  • CFG menu, updated, added sounds to choose for process completion and all the settings in the CFG are remembered between application restarts. There is also a Reset to defaults button. Including tooltips.
  • macOS use of command key, implementation changed making the use of the command key to select all/cut/copy/paste operations fully robust now.
  • OpenGL/CPU image viewer, the image viewers will run in their own application windows now which increases performance. The state OpenGL/CPU is remembered between application restarts.
  • FITS issue on MaximDL data causing green image, is fixed.
  • Sequator TIFF read support, APP can now read TIFFs created by Sequator.
  • macOS Application NAP & OS sleep, APP will now communicate with the macOS operating system preventing it from putting APP to sleep when you are doing something else or nothing on your mac while APP is processing. It will also prevent macOS from sleeping while APP is processing. When the processing of APP stops, APP tells macOS that it is allowed to put APP to sleep and the OS as well.
  • X-TRANS flats normalization is fixed. This was not a major bug, but still a problem and works correctly now.
  • Batch FITS Metadata/CFA tool, will convert mono or RGB filter names of the image header when you need to undemosaic the data or add a CFA pattern to it. 
  • Loading a Master as Master and as Other/Processed, triggered a bug (Null Pointer Exception) when starting processing which is now fixed.
  • Multi-Session processing, as was reported here : APP still misbehaved in the calibration engine when processing data from multiple sessions. The issue should now be completely fixed.
  • Multi-Channel processing, if you would load multiple channels including luminance where the luminance data is shot with a different camera, a bug could manifest which is solved now.
  • Star Color Calibration, fixed a rare bug causing an Array Out Of Bounds Exception when performing Star Color Calibration.
  • File Loading and metadata, fixed several bugs that could have caused strange behaviout of APP when dealing with frames that are being reloaded while metadata changed in the mean time. If a frame is reloaded, APP will now refresh it's metadata, it did not do this before.
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