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[Closed] Astro Pixel Processor 1.043

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Astro Pixel Processor 1.043

  • Changed, save normalised frames, "register frames" is changed to "apply registration to frames" and is on by default
  • Fixed, when a frame is saved under "save normalised frames" with registration parameters applied, the file names will have the postfix "-reg-norm", instead of just "norm".
  • Changed, when a calibrated frame is saved, the saved frame will have the postfix "-cal", used to be prefix "cal-".
  • Added, console output for loading frames, building the file list details, star analysis task results, all file savers, normalization parameters
  • Adjusted, Bad Pixel Map hot pixel scale detection value changed to 64 instead of 8, which should help in better detection of bad columns.
  • Fixed, all image savers (FITS, TIFF, JPEG) can be interrupted now and the user will see a pop-up with cancel button if image saving is in progress.
  • Fixed, if the images are registered in mosaic mode, then the user will be warned while starting integration if the integration composition mode is NOT set at "full".
  • Changed, in 6) INTEGRATE, the default setting for the composition mode is now "full", since it's simply the most used setting. The full composition will make a field of view including all pixels of all frames.
  • Fixed, adjusted scrollbar speed of menus 0) to 9) and the preview sliders panel
  • Improvement, in 3) ANALYSE STARS, you can now further lower the "clip star profile" to 0.01 instead of 0.1 and the "detect above noise level" can be lowered to 1 kappa. The defaults are changed as well to help in initially detecting fainter stars in frames that have a low star count. "clip star profile" by default is now 0.05 and "detect above noise level" is 3 now by default.
  • Improvement, all the pop-up windows related to image saving like the File Name Asker Panel, ICC profile Asker Panel, JPG Quality Asker Panel and File Type Asker Panel are forced to the front, so they can't dissapear behind other windows.
  • Fixed, APP version info on MacOS reported by OS now shown correctly