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RGB Combine - or RGBHOO etc  


Main Sequence Star Customer
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July 31, 2021 22:26  

Hi,  When I use the RGB combine tool with a formula like RGBHOO or the others, does signal to noise ratio improve?  as compared to just using the split R, G, B files?  Is there actually more data in the final image? 

I am still a newby and this question crossed my mind.




Hydrogen Atom Customer
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August 1, 2021 13:31  

Hi Andy,

Your SNR (signal to noise ratio) will marginally improve as you combine two images each for one RGB channel, e.g. your R and H frames both would contribute to the R channel of the final image. Note that the improvement will only be marginal though, the SNR will be a factor of SQRT(2) better (roughly by 1.41).

Best regards & CS,


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