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HaRGB assistance  


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March 3, 2019 14:16  

Hi All,


I've got a question, i've tried many times to get a nice composite of my HA data with my RGB data from a OSC camera.

But everytime i can't succed to get the colors to "look like" a natural RGB recording but with the extra contrast and detail from the HA data. (see picture only RGB data and HaRGB data).

Ic405 & Ic410 RGB
Ic405 & Ic410 HaRGB

Ic405 & Ic410 HA

Today again i did try to make a nice looking composite but "faild again", the background is to much blue, with to reddish nebula and so on..... and when i think i'm close to a nice looking result. I start the star color calibration tool and the picture becomes "goldish" without any color. Try again to compensate but without any succes.

I did read may posts and did look at the tutorials bit they don't help me further.

Now i'm a little "desprit" and don't know how to get it right.   


So now the BIG question, could someone gif me some support to make a nice looking picture with extra details of the HA data?


Below there are some "links"of al the data, the RGB is split up into 3 al the data is corrected with the lpc tool and registerd together, so it is possible to load them directly in the Combine tool.


It would be awsome if someone could assist me.

Cheers Jan-Willem 

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