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APP quits in the middle of the Integration when processing a large set

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I have used APP successfuly in other data sets, but this one 146 files is making APP quit unexpectedly without any warning. Same behaviour in MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 and Ubuntu 20.x. It just quits in the same spot about the 13 writing to the dataset (or something like that, in the first stage of the integration. There is enough HDD, more than 240GB of SSD and APP is given 24GB out of 32GB total system memory. 

Any ideas what this could be? I am attaching a file found on the APP application directory /Applications/ the heading of this file says that a fatal error has been detected in the JRE. I don't know if I should look for another log file. Just let me know. 




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Thanks for letting us know, could you test if this also happens with a smaller set of the same data?