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M20 M8, 2-panel mosaic  


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September 16, 2020 13:10  

This image was taken during last 2 nights with my portable rig. The equipments are: zwo asi 183mc, william-optics redcat, STC multispectra filter, and ioptron cem25 mount. Two-panel mosaic was required to capture the two nebulae including the lower part of Lagoon nebula. Unfortunately, the weather did not allow me to take light frames more than 2.5 hours in total. I was pleased with the result which APP perfectly did its job in mosaic integration.


m8m20mosaic 1 mod csc St


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September 17, 2020 14:27  

Lovely, I love these wider shots. This is why I actually went to work for Mabula, as APP was the first software I tried which was able to make mosaics like this on the fly and it opened up my photography a lot, I was now looking around objects to see if that would make for a nicer view, never really did that. 🙂

Awesome signal!

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