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December 8, 2020 12:59  

The settings in APP are very helpful in order to develop narrowband recordings so well with a DSLR. Many thanks to Mabula !!!

Date of Images:
Teleskop oder Objektiv (Aufnahme): Canon EF 135mm f/2.0 L @ 2.8
Aufnahmekamera: Canon EOS 80D modifiziert
Montierung: Celestron CGEM
Teleskop oder Objektiv (Nachführung): TS Sucher 8x50
Nachführkamera: ZWO optical ASI 120 MM
Software: Adobe Camera Raw Version 6.7 · Aries Productions Astro Pixel Processor APP · O'Telescope BackYard EOS · Adobe Photoshop 5 CS · PHD2 Guiding 2.62 Autoguiding Software · Astronomy tools for Photoshop
Filter: Astronomik EOS clip Astronomik 12nm Ha
Zubehör: Zhiyou Universal L-Winkel · Sandor Cuzdi - Maske Fokussierhilfe · Baader 3 x Skysurfer lll · Teleskop-Austria Aperture Stopper
Datum:20. November 2020
Frames:Astronomik EOS clip Astronomik 12nm Ha: 80x180" ISO1600
Aufnahmedauer: 4.0 Stunden
Darks: ~19
Flats: ~34
Bias: ~42

IC405 IC410 87x180s ISO1600 34Bias Ha 12nm Bicolor2aCrop Beschriftung


The open star clusters and galactic nebulae in the constellation Auriga are interesting for many focal lengths. Whether as a detail or an overview, there is always a lot to see. Above left the "pancake" is an object from the Sharpless catalog and has the number SH2-232. I was amazed that this Nebula was so clearly visible in the short exposures.

There was a lot of water in the air during the night. Was delighted with the fine details.

The green channel had a very good signal from the H-alpha image taken with the color DSLR. The data made it possible to create a bicolor.

- easy crop

Sharless Objects - Distance in light years (ly)

Sh2-229 = 10 700 ly (IC 405, Flaming Star)
Sh2-230 = 10 500 ly
Sh2-231 = 5 870 ly
Sh2-232 = 5 870 ly
Sh2-233 = 5 870 ly
Sh2-234 = 7 500 - 10 000 ly (IC 417, Spider)
Sh2-235 = 5 870 ly
Sh2-236 = 10 700 ly (IC 410, Tadpoles)
Sh2-237 = 7 000 ly (NGC 1931, Fly)

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December 10, 2020 12:32  

Oh that is lovely indeed, very clean result.

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December 11, 2020 10:23  

Hi Vincent,

thanks for the kind words! Thanks to APP, such a result was possible!

CS, Wolfgang