Heart Nebula - begi...

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Heart Nebula - beginner's success!  


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10/07/2019 4:09 pm  

I started in astrophotography about 6 months ago, and this image of the Heart Nebula is only my 4th 'proper' image (mainly thanks to the British weather!), so I've quite pleased with the way it's turned out.

My understanding and success rate has dramatically leaped forward since I've discovered and now use APP for pre-processing - it just works!  Thanks Mabula, terrific app!  I've tried them all (APT, Pixinsight and so on) but APP is the only one I've found that simply and easily gets on with the task in hand and produces consistent quality results.

Heart Nebula

20 x 120 secs each of L,R,G,B plus usual bias, darks, flats

William Optics GT81 + Flat 6A II

ZWO ASI183mm Pro Cooled

OVL LRGB Filters

Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro with Rowan belt mod

Software:  EQMOD, PHD2, SGP, Stellarium, APP, Photoshop

PS:  I notice that lots of blue colour background noise is showing in this image, which is not evident in the original image! I needed to reduce the quality a fair bit in order to upload it, so I presume that's why ….

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12/07/2019 4:06 am  

Hi Richard,

Nice image of Heart Nebula.  Congrats 😘 🤩 😍 

Clear skies,


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15/07/2019 7:04 pm  


Hi Kijja,

Many thanks for your encouraging comments!  I hope I'll be able to post more images as I gain more experience ….


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