Part 3: register, normalize, integrate the mosaic of the Mosaic Tutorial – Milky Way to Rho Ophiuchi by Mabula

Below, you can find the data processing settings that I used for the mosaic integration:


Set Panel 3 manually as reference. It’s the frame in the center of the Field of View.
Should prove a good starting point for the mosaic registration.

registration desciptors: pentagons
scale start 5
scale stop 10
enable dynamic distortion correction
disable same camera and optics
mode: mosaic
model: projective

Registration of mosaic was performed using 12000 starpairs with a precision of 0.41 pixels.


defaults, I used regular normalization to start with and that works fine in integration combined with further adjustments of LNC in this particular case. But you can always try advanced normalization, it should improve the initial normalization without LNC.


equal weights, average integration
LNC: 2nd degree 10 iterations
MBB 10%
No outlier rejection
scale 1.0x I kept the original image scale of the 135mm data since a 135mm frame was chosen as reference.
no Drizzle !

The final mosaic integration has dimension of 9245×18498 pixels.

Using the Batch Rotate/Resize tool, I rotated the result with 92 degrees counter clockwise.