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mail notifications  


Molecular Cloud Customer
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January 15, 2020 18:28  


I´d like to suggest e-mail-notifications when there are

- software updates / changes

- replies on forum posts

(I hope I didnt miss something in case this is already possible...)


apart from this my wishlist is similar to all those who´d like to have sessions, user settings, "defaults" implemented 


Red Giant Customer
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January 18, 2020 11:44  


Hi Peter - 

You can subscribe to a thread and get email notifications of replies.  I think you have to be logged in to the Forum for the "Subscribe for new replies" option to be made available - it's at the beginning of the thread in red.

I agree with the email notification of new releases, and I am very hopeful that Mabula will deliver project / setting save and load soon.  He said it was top priority and I know several people who won't buy APP until this feature is implemented, so I think it would help with adoption.