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Stacking different Telescpe/Camera Combinations

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what is the best way to stack different camera/telscope combinations?
I have no doubt, that APP can handle different images concerning registration. But what is the best practice in case of weighting and normalization? Is it better to stack alle images at once or stacking both stacks and combine them later? 
CS Frank

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Hi Frank @frasax,

It is very likely that the best result will be gained if you register all data in one go 😉 disable same camera and optics, enable distortion correction and maybe also flip descriptors in 4) to have all registered. Flip descriptors could be needed if you have data that is from different telescope designs, like fast astrographs versus refractors.

Weighting : depends on your goal, if you want sharpest, use star shape weights, if you want best quality, use quality weights etc.

normalization: if you combine data from different camera/telescopes, definitely use advanced normalization in 5) and enable MBB and use LNC 1st degree to get much better results