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2022-05-29: APP 2.0.0-beta2 has been released !

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neutralize-BG in the "stretch" section

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I have begun to use the Asi533mc pro and the l-enhance filter.  After tab 9 background calibration and calibrate star colors, if I select 'neutralize-BG' in the 'stretch' section it introduces a strong green color cast that is not seen before making that selection.

1. Do I need to select neutralize-BG?  Is it ok to leave it unchecked and then save. 

2. Is there a better way to avoid the color cast it introduces?  


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@andynowlen Do you get the same green cast if you do not calibrate the star colors? The l-enhance filter may filter out too much light for that algorithm to work well, since it assumes that all stars are black bodies radiating at all wavelengths in the visual spectrum. I never calibrate the star colors when using my l-extreme filter and I never get a green cast when I neutralize the background.

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Yep, that'll be the case indeed. The L-extreme filters Ha and OIII and that is narrowband data. The color correction tool requires broadband data to work optimally.