Memory insufficient

Memory insufficient  


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May 21, 2019 18:25  

Hi. Im new to Astronomy and have been trying to produce an image on APP from 200 lights and a number of darks. However, I keep getting a message that my RAM memory is insufficient. I get it sometimes at the "calculate Stars" section and sometimes at the "normalize" section and I have no idea how to stop this. I have increased the partition on my computer but am still getting it. Doesn't matter if I reduce the amounts of lights. Utterly frustrating. Can anyone help please as Im a bit of technophobe as well so any help would be appreciated as if you are talking to a thicko!






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May 26, 2019 18:00  

Hi Richard,

I have been using APP for a little over a year now and quite regularly process integrations involving 200 plus lights and have only once encountered an out of memory error message and this was at the Integration phase.

From idle watching of APP's memory usage display I do not recall seeing APP using that much memory during either of the Analyse Stars or Normalise stages where you report having problems though fortunately I do have 8 and 16 GB RAM systems at my disposal.

If your problem is still unsolved I think you will need to provide some more information about a) the hardware and OS you are using and b) the type of images files you are trying to process eg DSLR, CCD, colour, monochrome.   Is the system you are using very constrained and / or are you trying to process some exceptionally large files?  How much memory have you currently granted to APP?