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Master Calibration Files Don't Have Correct FITS GAIN Value w/ ASI cameras  


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18/02/2019 1:36 am  


I have noticed that the FITS GAIN value for all of my master calibration files is zero ("0") even though all of the subs have correct gain and offset values in their FITS headers.  This also affects the master calibration file filename (...ISO_gain_0.0...). 

I use ASI cameras (both color and monochrome) and I noticed the field name for the gain in their FITS files is GAINRAW, so perhaps APP is looking for a different FITS field?

Just curious as it would be helpful to have the correct gain in the filename.



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22/04/2019 4:16 am  

I have the exact same issue.  I have an ASI294MC-Pro camera using TheSkyX and in the fits header the gain is listed as GAINRAW but yet APP doesn't seem to read this.  Along the same line, the debayer pattern is also listed in the fits header but APP doesn't pick that up either.  I have to always remember to go in and select "Force CFA".  This can't possibly be that hard of a fix to have it read these values can it?  I attached a Flat .fits file for anyone interested.

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