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2023-03-15: APP 2.0.0-beta14 has been released !

IMPROVED FRAME LIST, sorting on column header click and you can move the columns now which will be preserved between restarts.


We are very close now to  releasing APP 2.0.0 stable with a complete printable manual...


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Can you do an HDR style stack?

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I wanted to know if you can do an HDR style stack. A good for instance would be throwing in 5 second, 10 second, and 300 second subs from M42 and M43, and have the program normalize things so you don't blow out the core of M42 by using the shorter subs for that part. If it will then I will go ahead and get it even though ti doesn't support my native .dng files and I am not sure when that will happen, btu on some of my difficult targets I'd be willing to convert to tif files even though you lose some info if it will do this.

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I am also interested to know if this is possible in APP. It would make it easier than using the tool in PixInsight and making multiple integrations. I suppose if we don't hear back from anyone I can integrate some M42 frames I have and see if it works.

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I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think you can achieve a true HDR image yet, I would love to do that as well indeed. 

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