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APP on Mac OS 12 Monterey?

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Have any of you brave people updated to Mac OS 12 (Monterey) yet? And if so, any early compatibility issues with APP?

I am running an M1 Macbook Pro and have been supremely unhappy with Big Sur and it's sh*$%ty performance in general (not APP specific). I have Monterey on another Mac, but it's an intel chip and I don't have APP installed on that machine. So it really wouldn't help much in a determination.

Thanks in advance



Edit: I will say, that APP runs particularly well now, on Big Sur. It is extremely fast on the M1s. Not so much other applications. 

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@christinez Yes, there was a post about this a few days ago. A simple search on this forum leads you to

Good to know that APP runs well on this version of macOS. I still need to upgrade my MacBook.