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North America, Pelican & IC 5068 Nebulae | Ha-Oiii

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NA PELI TREX Gideon Golan small

The North America (NGC 7000), Pelican (IC 5070) & IC 5068 Nebulae

Massive structures of hot gas and cold dark cosmic dust structures, form a spectacular view to a piece of sky like no other. The image depicts three large nebulae, distanced around 1,600 light years away from Earth, with The North America to the left, the Pelican to the right-top and IC 5068 (Sometimes called "T-Rex") to the right-bottom.

Data was captured in Bortle 4, backyard of a dear friend, in the Israeli Arava Region.

Chroma Ha 5nm: 33*300 sec.
Chroma Oiii 3nm: 46*300 sec.
ZWO 2600MM Pro Gain 100, -5c
iOptron CEM25p
ZWO 120mm-s/ Mini Guide scope 30/f4

Calibration & Integration: AstroPixelProcessor
Processing & Edit: Pixinsight
Export & Annotation: Photoshop

'The Coldest Nights' formula used in processing.

I strongly recommend having a closer look at full size - many faint and dark details around.