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We are very close now to  releasing APP 2.0.0 stable with a complete printable manual...


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M33 - The Triangulum Galaxy

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Hi fellow Astrophotographers,

after moving from the city to the suburb I am now happy to image broadband targets again. This is around 5 hours from my new garden. I was only able to image M33 before it hit it's peak and I think the resolution took a hit because of that. The change of correctors shows a work in progress. The Schmidt Newtonian never got a dedicated Corrector for it's remaining Coma and astigmatism and I am still figuring out the spacing after 2 years. The Paracorrs Illumination is much better than the Maxfield's. Both coma correctors work at around 5mm less of spacing between corrector and sensor right now. CS, 



Acquisition details:

  • Meade SN8
  • NEQ 6 pro
  • Sony A7rIIa
  • Mgen II
  • acquisition date 3rd of September in Sankt Augustin - Germany
    • TS-MAxfield Coma Corrector 0.95X 
    • 67 x 2 min lights
    • 8 x flat
    • 20 x darks
    • 25 x bias
  • acquisition date 8th of September in Sankt Augustin - Germany
    • ParaCorr PLU 1.15X
    • 39 x 5 min lights
    • 24 x flats
    • 20 x darks
    • 25 x bias

Post processing steps:

  • Stacked in APP with all auto settings except for dynamic distortion correction turned on
  • remove light pollution in APP
  • star color calibration in APP
  • worked on colors in Lightroom and used eliptical luminance masked adjustments to tame the background
  • starsize reduction in Photoshop with starmask created with threshhold adjustment layer on top of difference layer of the image and a descratched version of the image. The actual star size reduction was done with a minmum filter.
  • final touch ups and cropping in Lightroom

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All in all it has a nice feeling of depth.

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Tip; open the image in a new tab, it shows the full uploaded resolution.

Very nice! I see what you mean with the slightly stretched stars in the corners, but I have to say.. that's on the professional tweaking level already. 🙂 So great to be able to move to darker places, I totally get that. When I lived in NZ and now in Denmark (on a dark island), it makes for all the difference.

Thanks for sharing!

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