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IC 10 - Starburst Galaxy

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This is IC 10, a relatively benign structure galaxy with a lot of hydrogen regions and starbirth. Part of our local group. not many people image this since it has a 'limited amount' of any features unless you get a lot of Ha data with a narrow (7nm or less) filter.

This one was a labour of love, or dogged determination, whichever.

It has only ~8 hours data which took nearly 6 weeks because of the weather. I also got a new scope so I decided to stop just as it was about to develop some features!

Scope: Intes MN56 Maksutov Newtonian (127 mm, f/6)


62 x 240s RGB (only with UV/IR cut of the ASI2600 MC Pro)

60 x 240 s with quadband filter (Altair) to extra the (noisy) Ha channel.

Processed in APP entirely, with color matching, boost and noise reduction in PS CS5.

combine RGB image crop lpc cbg csc St latest


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@cwm2col Fantastic details in the galaxy, both in the light and the dark features.